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How to Make Don’s “Tire Sling” Tire Swing

Don's Tire Sling Tire Swing

How to Make a Tire Swing: Don’s “Tire Sling”

Between Travis’s “Comfort Lounger”, Matt’s “Tire Fighter”, and Don’s “Tire Sling”, Don may have hit the fun factor right on the nose.  Climb into Don’s Tire Sling and you will find yourself spinning, swinging, throwing your weight back and hanging on for a super fun ride.   Don’s Tire Sling is simple to make, light weight and its unique design invites your friends and family to try it out.

What you will need: Materials: (1) Large tire, (1) Small 1/4″ rope ~ 5′ long, (1) Large wooden dowel (a wooden shovel handle would work too).  Tools: Safety glasses, Utility knife, Electric drill and a drill bit the size of your wooden dowel or shovel handle.

Don selected a used 275/50R20 for his Tire Sling.  The large diameter would yield an opening that is easy to climb in and out of and its wide 275mm width would make for a wide comfortable seat as well.

Steps to Make Don’s Tire Sling:

  • First, Don used his utility knife to carefully cut and remove both of the tire’s sidewalls.


  • He then pinched the tread together to designate a top and drilled a small (1/4″) pilot hole and then a larger hole (1″) for his handle.


  • Next, he cut his shovel handle to the desired length (about 2 feet) and pushed it through the holes he had drilled. (This took some force and leverage)

TireSling_8Handle installation for Don's Tire Sling Tire Swing

  • Don then secured the handle in place with rope and attached some birthday ribbons to the ends of the handles for some added flare. (bicycle handlebar tassels would also work great for this.)


  • Don next spiced his “Tire Sling” up with some patriotic paint.

 0731132046aPainting the Tire Sling Tire Swing

  • Last, he suspended the swing from a tree branch by looping a tie down strap (a strong rope would work well too) through the top loop of the tread and….   Wallah! He was ready for some fun!

Don's Tire Sling Tire Swing

Tire Swing Challenge: Unique Tire Swings Revealed

TireSwingConcepts - Unique Tire Swings

Our Unique Tire Swings Revealed (Part 2 of 3)

(Missed part 1?  Get caught up here: Tire Swing Challenge Part 1 of 3)

After agreeing to our Tire Swing Challenge, Matt, Don, and I quickly hit the drawing boards.  Our unique tire swings have to be functional and fun while staying within a $40.00 budget.  After narrowing our ideas, Don, Matt and I are each convinced that our own designs will lead us to tire swing kingdom. (and a FREE lunch!)  Our tire swing design concepts are detailed below.

Unique Tire Swings

Don McNeilly’s “Tire Sling”:  Don plans to remove both tire beads and shoulders, essentially leaving him with the tread as a large rubber band.  He then plans to pinch the top of the band together and add a simple handle for the rider.   Above the handle, Don should be able to easily attach a tether to the top of the pinch utilizing its loop.   Don’s biggest challenge will be removing the shoulders and beads without exposing any sharp inner belts.  As long as he leaves a small amount of shoulder, this shouldn’t be an issue.  He has named his tire swing “Don’s Tire Sling”.  (estimated cost: under $20)

Don's Unique Tire Swings - Tire Sling

Travis Comfort’s “Comfort Lounger”:   I have decided to shoot for a comfortable version of a tire swing.  For my swing, I will make partial cuts along the shoulders of my tire so that about 1/2 of the tread can be drooped into the center of the tire.  With some crummy sewing skills, I hope to manipulate my tire swing into a soft, comfortable “J” shape.  I will leave the tire beads in place so that I have two easy locations to attach the tether.  My swing has two challenges: 1.)  How to shape the seat so that it is secure and comfortable and, 2.) Will my tires beads be strong enough that they won’t buckle under 200lbs of load… (estimated cost: under $20)

Travis's Unique Tire Swings - Comfort Lounger

Matt Johnson’s “Tire Fighter”:  Matt decided to design a take off of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 Fighter.  He plans to keep his tire relatively intact and hung flat.  He’ll then add wings and a nose cone to help define his fighter.  Matt will add three eye bolts to triangulate a balanced center tether point.  Matt’s biggest challenge will be his accessories.  While considering safety, he will need to figure out how he will make them and how they will be attached. (estimated cost: $30.00)

Matt's Unique Tire Swings - Tire Fighter

With each of our unique tire swings detailed we are now depending on our fabrication skills to put them all together.  Keep an eye out for part 3 of our tire swing challenge.  Part 3 will cover our tire swing builds.

Update [8/12/2013] See part 3 of 3 now! : How to Make a Tire Swing

Tire Swing Challenge: Building an Awesome Tire Swing

Tire Swing Challenge

Tire Swing Challenge: Building an Awesome Tire Swing for under $40.00 (Part 1 of 3)

When the lawn starts growing fast enough that it could be mowed twice a week, when the sounds of playing kids fill the neighborhood streets, when the smell of charcoal BBQ’s makes you stop and take a deeper breath… you know its time to build a tire swing…   While that’s not what most of us think about doing, that’s what the editors of The Squealing Tire plan to do now that summer is here!

Tire swings used to be such a simple thing.  A tire, a rope, and a tree was all you needed.  Today, a quick Google image search reveals that modern tire swings have taken on more and more intricate designs.  Inspired by this our editors decided they were up for a little challenge to see who could build the best tire swing for under $40.00.  The winner will be fed lunch and crowned the Tire Swing King!

The Challenge:  Design and build an Awesome Tire Swing for Under $40.00. 

There are only 3 rules:

  1. Your tire swing must be built using 1 used tire.
  2. Additional materials are permitted, and can be resourced however you please,  as long as the total cost for your swing does not exceed $40.00. (This does not include the cost of your swings tether. )
  3. The final product must be able to safely support a minimum of 200lbs.

Judging:  We must have a winner so, upon completion (Target Date of July 2nd) each swing will be tested by a panel of pristine judges – all of which are tire swing experts.   These judges will rate each tire swing on the following…

  • Appearance
  • Craftsmanship
  • Usability
  • Fun

Winnings:  The winner will receive the prestigious tire swing king crown + lunch paid for by the losers.

With the challenge set, and the creativity flowing, the competitive spirits have already started to surface.

Who will be crowned the tire swing KING?….

Update 6/25/2013: Part 2 – Our Editors Unique Tire Swings Revealed