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Moab Rim Trail – Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2014 Trail Ride May 14, 2014

Moab Rim Trail – Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2014

Moab Rim Trail Ride – May 16, 2014

 At the drivers meeting we met our trail guide “Woody”.   He attends many off road events and is also the owner of  Woody was voted as the trail guide of the year for his involvement at the 2013 event.  We were happy to have him on the Moab Rim Trail with us for the day.


The Moab Rim trail gets started quickly with a steep climb along the Colorado River.  The first obstacle, known as the crack, can be somewhat challenging if you don’t hit the step just right. 

The Crack on Moab Rim Trail

At the crack we put tow straps on a few shorter rigs just to make sure they did not end up on their side.  Shortly after helping a vehicle over the crack I heard some commotion behind me.  Sure enough one of the vehicles ended up on its side a short distance up the trail.  Thankfully no one was hurt and the vehicle was able to continue after it was back on its wheels.

Side By side Flop on Moab Rim Trail

After everyone made it over the crack we continued on to the Z turn.  The Z turn has multiple lines and some are very difficult.  An Arctic Cat WildCat found this out the hard way and broke the rear drive line.  The owner decided to park it off to the side of the trail and repair it later.  Pictures don’t capture how rugged the Z Turn actually is.



Once through the Z turn the trail is pretty easy other than some off camber spots and a few optional obstacles.  At the top of Moab Rim there is an excellent view of Moab down below and you can also see the snow topped La Sal Mountains in the distance.  We stopped here for lunch and took in all the beauty.

View from the top of Moab Rim

Lunch stop on the Moab Rim Trail

With full bellies, we saddled up and continued on toward the sand hill.  This part of the trail is a small loop that connects back up to the main trail.  There is an optional steep, sandy hill to climb that reminds me of the dunes at Sand Hollow State Park.

Sand Hill on Moab Rim Trail

I had a blast watching the drivers race up the hill.  One of our guys, Addam, jumped into the RZR 4 1000 demo unit I had.  I told him “Give me one more good roost!” and he did, reluctantly of course, but within 30 feet the belt exploded.  (Go figure.)  Fortunately, another one of our guys had a spare belt and Addam was able to change out the shredded belt within minutes.

RZR 1000 Belt replacement

Back on the main trail we passed a few small water holes and then started dropping back down the side of the rim.   Just before our return to the Z turn Woody and a participant helped winch a boulder out from under a stuck Jeep Cherokee.  With the Jeep freed the owners could go about replacing their broken parts.

Helping a Jeep on Moab Rim Trail

We made it back to the Z-turn and going down it can be just as frightening as climbing up it.  Watching some of the faces as the machines came down the Z turn was a blast.

The Z Turn on Moab rim Trail

Back at the broken Wildcat the owner decided to try to limp it back down to the trail head. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on his side and he ended up bending a tie-rod and breaking one of the front axles.  After removing the bent tie-rod a few guys were able to straighten it with the assistance of a steel fence post. Amazingly, it worked and didn’t damage the fence post either. 

Trail fix on Moab Rim trail

After getting everything back together the driver needed to be extremely careful and not stress the tie-rod again.  To help, the group that was left actually pushed the Wildcat down the rest of the Moab Rim Trail to the parking lot.  What an awesome group effort.

It happened to be a long day on the trail but fun none the less.  To me there is nothing better than spending the day on the trail with good friends.

Note: Special thanks to ZBROZ Racing for quickly fixing one of our RZR’s before this trail ride.  Thank you ZBROZ!

Here are some additional photos from our ride on the Moab Rim Trail:

IMG_1012 Moab Rim Trail - Trailhead IMG_1016 IMG_1022 the Crack on Moab Rim Trail The Crack on Moab Rim TrailIMG_1049 IMG_1053 The Crack on Moab Rim Trail IMG_1085 IMG_1104 IMG_1114IMG_1115 Woody guiding vehicles up the Z Turn On Moab Rim Trail Z Turn on Moab Rim Trail IMG_1154 Bottom Section of the Z Turn on Moab Rim Trail IMG_1144 IMG_1165 IMG_1185 Slick Rock null on Moab Rim Trail IMG_1199 IMG_1206 IMG_1216 IMG_1221 Lunch Viewpoint on Moab Rim Trail IMG_1227IMG_1228 IMG_1229 IMG_1230 IMG_1238 IMG_1248 Sand Hill on Moab Rim Trail IMG_1264 Climbing the Sand Hill on Moab Rim Trail IMG_1269 IMG_1282 IMG_1294 IMG_1296IMG_1298 IMG_1309 Belt Fix On Polaris RZR IMG_1318 Colorado River Moab Rim Trail IMG_1327 IMG_1329 IMG_1330 IMG_1332 IMG_1333 IMG_1335 IMG_1343 IMG_1349 IMG_1351 IMG_1360 IMG_1362IMG_1369 IMG_1373 IMG_1374 Going Down the Z Turn On Moab Rim Trail IMG_1388 IMG_1393 IMG_1402 IMG_1410 Moab Rim Trail Claims WildCat Broken Wildcat on Moab Rim Trail IMG_1436 IMG_1441 IMG_1012IMG_0981 IMG_0980

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