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Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR Mud Test

Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR Mud Test


The monsoon rains have arrived in Arizona and that means it’s a great time for some mud tire testing!  My wife and some friends and I headed to the high country near Flagstaff to camp and ride during Labor Day weekend.  In the late summer the area gets hit with some spectacular thunder storms.  I brought a couple quads including my Kawasaki 750i that is equipped with a set of Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR tires.  I also brought more than enough clothes to get dirty.

According to Pit Bull Tires, the 8-ply rated Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR has been designed with large alternating tread blocks, wide tread voids and integrated stone kickers to help keep this tire clean in the muddiest situations.  With plenty of mud where I was headed, I was excited to test them for myself. 

After getting our camp set up I was ready to take a ride.  I headed out on some new trails that were pretty rocky for the first few miles.  For fun, I pushed my comfort zone and picked up my pace.  I hit the sidewall hard a few times.  The extra deep rim guards built into the Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR took a couple of tremendous hits.  In fact, I hit it so hard one time that my handle bars were almost ripped out of my hands.  I kept going.  Riding a new trail really gets my adrenaline pumping and I was having fun. 

Rocky Trail

Here is a short video from my ride:

When I pulled back into camp, I noticed my handle bars were a little off and as I stopped, to my surprise, my left front tire kicked out.  On closer inspection, I must have hit a rock so hard with my left front tire that I bent my steering tie rod.  My tires, however, were unscathed and showed no sign of the impact.

Growler Uber XOR Tread

Fortunately, I was able to take my bent tie rod off and I used a big hammer and a large rock to straighten it out.


After getting fixed up and taking a lunch break, I headed back out later that afternoon.   While exploring another trail I found a large, sticky, mud puddle.  This was a good place to check out how well the Growler BG2.5 cleaned out.  I made several passes through this area, some in 4hi and some in 4low.   My Pit bull Growler BG2.5 XOR tire’s aggressive thread pattern cleaned out well every time.

Pit Bull Growler Uber XOR Mud Review

Growler Uber XOR in Mud

Here is a video of the Growler BG2.5 XOR tires going through this mud.

The next day, after even more rain, I found an area that had a lot of water but was open enough for me to hold some speed.   This area would be a good place for me to test the stability of this tire on slippery, wet dirt roads.

At higher speeds the Growler BG2.5 XOR rides super smooth.  They are very predictable when carving corners as well.  The combination of water,  mud and deep ruts can spell disaster if you don’t have proper tires.  At first I thought I would get thrown from side to side and not be able to straddle the ruts but that was not the case.  I was able to hold any line I wanted without ever feeling out of control.   I found my quad to be unexpectedly stable as I came upon some deep muddy ruts, even at speed.  

Here is video footage from this area.

After a nice but messy weekend of riding in the mud and rain I thought my tire testing was over.  After packing up camp and starting up my dually I attempted to pull out of our camping area and back on to a main gravel road.  The only problem was it had rained so much that I could not get my dually to pull my toy-hauler out of our camping spot.  My dually rear tires quickly packed with mud and acted like one big slick and my toy-hauler’s skinny tires just seemed to sink like an anchor holding strong.  I was stuck.

My solution to my slippery situation was to attempt to pull it out with my quads.  After hooking up my two quads, my wife and a friend of ours pulled the camper backwards while I pushed, in reverse, with my dually.  We were able to slowly back everything up.  I then hooked my quad up to the front of my dually and pulled it back onto the main gravel road.   It was pretty cool to see this work out as I hopped it would.  Video and pictures don’t do this slippery mess justice.   I was pretty busy trying to get unstuck but I did manage to snap a few pictures and I had my friend shoot some video as well.

You can see by comparing the tracks from the two quads that the Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR tires had a lot more bite while pulling my truck and trailer.



Here is a short video of the quads pulling my dually and toyhauler out of the mud.

Final thoughts:  During this trip I put these tires through a beating.  I pushed them hard at high speeds on rocky as well as on slippery wet dirt roads and I tried to sink them in some sticky clay mud puddles as well.  This trip was the muddiest conditions I have put them through so far and they handled it with flying colors.  Not only did they carve through the thick sticky mud with ease but, at the end of my weekend adventure they, also helped get my truck and camper out of a very soft and slippery camp site.  If you find your self in muddy situations often I highly recommend taking a serious look at this tire.

Remember to ride safe and responsibly and buy all your tires and wheels from Discount Tire.

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