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Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR Review

Pit Bull Growler Bg2.5 XOR on Brute Force 750

Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR

New for 2014, Pit Bull has now released an imported version of the Growler, the Growler BG2.5 XOR.  Pit Bull hopes their new Growler BG2.5 XOR will give them a product that will compete at a lower price point and increase their supply to meet the demands of a larger market.  The new Growler BG2.5 XOR will be released in standard diameters (25″, 26″, 27″) and will be 6ply-rated.

As a partner with Pit Bull we had a chance to get our hands on a test set of Growler BG2.5 XOR radial tires.  Here’s what we found.

Growler BG2.5 XOR Features and Specs

  • 6 ply-rating radial
  • ExD™ (Extra Deep) Rim Guards- Our ExD™ feature offers the ultimate wheel-lip protection.
  • Multi-varied patented tread blocks – create an alternating biting pattern for maximum traction, cleanout and stability.
  • Stoic Rubber compound – Flexible, durable and designed for maximum traction.
  • Stone kickers – help wiggle out foreign material buildup.
  • High Void Tread – for easy clean-out and increased traction.
  • Reinforced Tread Blocks – add strength
  • Integrated Sidewall Protectors – that can take the brunt of many impacts to help protect the sidewall and rims.
  • Manufactured in China – Built to Pit Bull standards.


Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR Review

Size Tested:  26x9R-12 Front and 26x11R-12 Rear

Vehicle: 2006 Kawasaki Brute Force 750i

High Pines Rocks: Testing began during the blazing hot Arizona summer of 2013.  To get out of the heat I headed up north near Flagstaff, AZ.  The first test was a trail that has a few fun rock piles.   The rocks in this area are rounded and can be slippery at times but Growler BG2.5 provided excellent traction.  Rather than sliding off the edges, the tires held strong and pulled me forward. I had no problems balancing my machine and holding a line even in these large boulders.

Growler BG2.5 XOR on rocks

Loose Dirt: We also found a good spot to test the traction of these tires in dirt.  Here, with two inches of loose top soil and semi hard packed dirt underneath the tires bite hard.  I tried to put my Brute Force into a sideways slide.  The rear tires dug down, found solid ground and shot me forward out of the turn.

High speed action with Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 6ply tires

Damp Clay: A few weeks later I headed to another location near Payson, AZ.  Here, I put my good friend, Beau, behind the bars and we tested the Growler BG2.5 on a soft clay hill climb.  The dirt was damp and the Growlers liked it.   Here’s Beau purposely riding in the rut just to see if he could find enough traction to climb out.

Climbing a damp hill with Pit Bull tires


The Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR tires didn’t miss a beat.  The over the shoulder lugs helped the tires claw their way out of the rut with ease.

High Speed:  Don’t ride too close behind me! Debris will fly! After feeling the bite it was time to go faster.  I jumped back on the seat and we headed to a trail where we could gain some speed.  The tires felt stable and they responded quickly.  There was not a hint of tire push when entering a corner and they didn’t pull me into mild ruts when I was riding the edges of them.

Racing through the trees with the Growler BG2.5 ATV tire

Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR review

I had Beau try some high speed runs as well.  He was also impressed with the traction of the tire in soft dirt.  They had no problem applying power to the ground out of a corner.

Growler BG2.5 XOR throwing dirt

Mud:  Toward the end of the summer, monsoon season arrived and I headed back up to Flagstaff to find some mud.   While exploring a trail I found a large, sticky, mud puddle.  I made several passes through this area, some in 4hi and some in 4low.  The deep tread voids and stone kickers helped keep the mud from packing up and the tread cleaned out every time.

Growler BG2.5 XOR in the mud

Check out my full mud test and additional mud pictures of the Pit Bull  Growler BG2.5 XOR tires here:  Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR Mud Test

Desert Rock: As the deserts started to cool off I moved my testing down to the harsh deserts of the great southwest.  The deserts are my favorite place to ride as they have lots of rocks and I love technical rock crawling.  I asked one of my good friends, Insane Zane, to join me and try out the new Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR.  We headed for a well-known Jeep trail, “Terminator”, to see if the Growler BG2.5 could stand up to the abuse.

It didn’t take long for Zane to get on the throttle.

Growler BG2.5 XOR desert rock crawling

You can always tell when Zane is having a good time.  Even with his helmet on you can see his smile.

Insane Zane posing for the camera with Pit Bull ATV tires

Crawling the desert with Pit Bull ATV tires

Growler BG2.5 tire review

No matter how sharp the rocks were Zane had no problem with traction.  The Growler BG2.5 tires would grab the sharp points of the rocks and pull the quad up and over any of the obstacles. They withstood his aggressive riding style without damage and they seemed to taunt him to try the next, harder, obstacle.

Conclusion: Simply put, I have been thoroughly impressed with the overall performance and durability of this tire.  Despite my best efforts (over 800 hard miles) I have not had to put a single plug in these tires (knock on wood). They have taken my abuse and they show very little wear.  They’ve pulled me through rutted, rocky and muddy trails in the tall pines, and they’ve bounded through unrelenting rocky desert trails as well.  If you have considered Pit Bull tires in the past but haven’t been able to justify the cost,  pick up a set of the new Growler BG2.5 XOR 6 ply rated radial tires.  Pit Bull has packed a lot of value into this tire and they will be offering it at a price lower than ever before.


Coming Spring 2014:  25x8R12 and  25x10R12

Coming Summer 2014: 27x9R12 and 27x11R12 Plus 27x9R14 and 27x11R14

For more information on price and availability please contact your local Discount Tire store or visit us online at

Additional Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 XOR photos:

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Ride safe and enjoy life.

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