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Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks: Moab Rim Trail – May 16th, 2013

Moab Rim Trail, Sandy hill

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks Moab Rim Trail – May 16th, 2013

About the Moab Rim Trail:  This trail is rated a 7 on a scale of 10.  The Moab Rim Trail is a very technical 4×4 trail.  There are numerous tall undercut step sections as well as off camber obstacles and many do not have bypasses.  After an initial ascent up Moab Rim the trail winds up and around a large mesa and continues to entertain drivers with some slick rock sections and even a sandy hill climb.   Chances of rolling is possible on this trail without a skilled driver or good spotter. The Moab Rim trail has one of the greatest views of the Colorado River and luckily, the trail begins and ends where you can see it best.

Our 2013 Rally on the Rocks Moab Rim Trail Experience:  As expected the Moab Rim Trail was challenging and fun.  We, once again, had a large number of vehicles and had to split the group into two smaller groups.  We started off with the first group and would join the second group at lunch.

On the trail we, and many other UTV enthusiasts, had to make multiple attempts at a few spots along the Moab Rim Trail.   Without worry though, between our own experienced 4×4 drivers/spotters and the trail guides there was almost always someone around to help spot the correct line.

The obstacle known as the Z-turn seemed to be the most challenging for everyone but there were a few vehicles that made it look easy.   Mark’s RZR4 900 XP with 28 inch STI Roctane Tires had no trouble what so ever clearing the steep ledges.

After everyone had cleared the Z-turn we made a lunch stop at an outstanding overlook of the town of Moab.  There were a few brave soles that stood out on a balancing rock for a great photo opportunity while the others ate lunch and enjoyed meeting like-minded UTV enthusiasts.

At the first lunch stop our Discount Tire crew handed out goodie bags to each UTV.  The lead Kymco UTV had the top executive from their Kymco North American division riding along.  It was awesome to see the huge smile on his face as he was headed back on the trail.

After the second group had caught up, enjoyed their lunch and received their goodie bags we were all off and running again.  A few of us made a short stop at the sand hill to see if we could climb it.  It was a good opportunity to see how much traction you could get on the loose sand.  There was a RZR4 in our group that had purchased some Interco Swamp Lite tires from us at the arena the night before and he couldn’t wait to test them in the sand in 2wd.   Unfortunately, about half way up, another vehicle started coming down and caused him to stop his forward momentum.

As the trail looped around we eventually found ourselves heading back down Moab Rim.  There was a fabulous spaghetti dinner at the arena this night and the largest raffle during the event.  Many of us were looking forward to it.

At the raffle, Lance announced that a portion of the raffle money would be donated to the Sagebrush Coalition.  As he made the announcement, the crowd was filled with people holding up signs that read “I’m a Sagebrush Rebel”. The Sagebrush Coalition has been fighting to keep our OHV trails open so it was great to see their support at the Rally as well.

Please enjoy and share the Discount Tire Sponsored Moab Rim Trail photos below.

ZoeMoab Rim Trail head IMG_7808 ab Rim TrailLifting a tire at the crack on Moab Rim IMG_7857 IMG_7851 Moab Rim Trail, Moab Rim Crack

 Z Turn on Moab Rim IMG_7902Moab Rim Trail, The Crack IMG_7882

IMG_7915 IMG_7993 IMG_7970 Moab Rim Trail Moab Rim Trail, Z Turn Moab Rim

Tire Repair on the trail IMG_8088 IMG_8051 IMG_8047 Moab Rim Trail, Moab Rim

IMG_8097 Moab Rim Trail, Rally on the Rocks 2013 IMG_8100

Moab Rim Trail, Sandy hill Moab Rim Trail Moab Rim Trail, Sandy Hill on Moab Rim

Moab rim Trail, 2013 Rally on the Rocks IMG_8288

Moab Rim Trail, Moab Rim Z TurnMoab Rim Trail Balancing game with a Wildcat Large Steps of the Z-turnIMG_8370

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 Fin N Things Trail

Moab Rim Trail, Colorado River in Moab

Dinner! 2013 Rally on the Rocks Happy Crowd at the 2013 Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks IMG_8437

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