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A Smarter Tire For The Ones You Love. – Michelin Premier All Season

A Smarter Tire For The Ones You Love

Michelin Premier All Season


A few years after college I started dating a beautiful young woman who eventually became my wife.  At the time, we lived on opposite sides of the city and there were about 20 miles of streets and freeways separating us.  It was a long drive, however, it was easy so we took turns driving it.

Late one summer evening during monsoon season, the rains hit the city pretty hard.  Exhausted from a business trip I decided to stay home but she still wanted to make the drive over.  Before she left we talked about the weather and I told her to be very careful and to take it slow.  We even talked about hydroplaning and what to do if it happened.  We told each other “I love you” and she said “I’ll see you soon”.

About 20 minutes later my cell phone rang.  It was a number I didn’t recognize and before I even picked up the phone I could feel something wasn’t right.  My heart sank.  Scared, I answered the phone and heard a shaken voice on the other end.  “Travis?…” she said.  My heart sank deeper and anxiously replied. “Are you okay? What happened?”  She told me she was okay but her truck wasn’t.  She had hydroplaned on the freeway.  She tried to keep the truck straight but it slid sideways and when it gained traction again it was up on two wheels crossing 4 lanes.  As she tried to correct it she then over corrected, swerved the opposite direction and crossed back over the same 4 lanes.  Her truck then struck another vehicle that had also spun out of control from hydroplaning.  When her truck stopped it was on its side.  Relieved that the wreck was over and she remained unhurt, she immediately feared that she had hurt someone else.  Luckily, emergency crews were already on the scene for the previous hydroplane accident and no one was in the vehicle that her truck had hit.

Today, every time it rains, before getting in our vehicles, my wife and I remember that day.  This happened 8 years ago, (my wife and I now have two young daughters) and safely driving on wet roads has become even more of a concern for us.

Tire designers and engineers at Michelin are also concerned for driver safety. After more than 2 years of development they have just launched a brand new tire that’s like nothing else currently on the market.

PremierAS_4At a quick glance the new Michelin Premier All Season doesn’t look that different from other passenger all season tires. With wet traction and safety as the number one concern Michelin engineers have done something truly unique.  The Premier All Season has been designed with a tread pattern that changes as it wears.  Michelin describes it best, Its tread doesn’t simply wear down — it evolves. Hidden grooves, buried in the rubber, emerge. Rain grooves actually widen….”  Add to this, other Michelin advanced tire technologies and the new Premier All Season tire is able to give the consumer maximum wet weather performance throughout the tires life, not just when it’s new.  Michelin also created the video below to describe their new innovative Michelin Premier All Season tire that is safe when new AND safe when worn.

So, the time has almost come for us to put a new set of tires on our family car.  Its not a fancy car by any means (’99 Honda Accord) but what we put in it is priceless; ourselves and our daughters.  Like many families, buying a safe tire that handles wet roads and stops fast when we need it most is VERY important to us. When the time comes, this tire will be at the top of my list for a replacement.

Michelin Premier All Season

Michelin Premier All Season: New vs. 50% Worn (click to enlarge)


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Additional Pictures:

PremierAS_5PremierAS_4Michelin Premier All Season emerging grovesPremierAS_2Michelin Premier All Season at the Track

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