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How to Make Matt’s “Tire Fighter” Tire Swing

Matt's Tire Fighter

How to Make a Tire Swing: Matt’s “Tire Fighter”

Ready for battle, Matt’s “Tire Fighter” aims to shoot down Don’s “Tire Sling” and Travis’s “Comfort Lounger”.  Matt’s appropriately named Tire Fighter design was inspired by Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter Advanced X1.   Hang one of these in your front yard and all other tire swings may run for cover.

What you will need: Materials: (2) Large diameter tires  (1 for main body, 1 to cut for wings), (4) Eye bolts, (6) lock washers, (4) Threaded chain connectors (optional), (18) Large washers, (4) 10″ threaded bolts, (12) Nuts,  (1) 4′ PVC pipe, (1) Lug cover or hub cap, (4) Zip ties. Tools: Safety glasses, Gloves, Utility knife, Electric drill, 3/8″ drill bit, Jig Saw with appropriate cutting blade, Impact drill, and 3/8″ socket.

Matt selected (2) used 305/75R16 tires.  The large diameter would create a spacious base and the wide tread would provide plenty of mounting surface for the Tire Fighter’s custom wings.

Steps to Make Matt’s “Tire Fighter” Tire Swing

  • Matt started by gathering all the necessary hardware needed to hang his swing.

Tire Fighter Hardware

  • The first step before any construction could begin was to clean the tire thoroughly.  Michelin Man approves!


  • He then drilled large holes along the base of the tire to allow water to drain.  No mosquito breeding going on in this swing!

Water drain holes in Tire Fighter

  • Next he measured, drilled and installed the (4) 3/8″ eye hooks. Matt used large washers above and below the eye hooks and secured them in place.  He also added the threaded chain connectors.

IMAG0899Tire Fighter tether hardware mounted

  • Now it was time to build the wings!  Matt took a second used tire and cut out both sidewalls using a Jig Saw.

Tire Fighter Wings

  • He then measured the tire into quarters and cut two 1/4 diameter tread sections to be used as wings.


  • Next Matt drilled two holes at the center of each wing about 2″ apart. He also marked and drilled holes in his base tire so he could mount the wings.


  • He then installed the 10″ threaded bolts and used 8.5″ of 3/8″ PVC to space the wings out, away from the base.  While flat on the ground, Matt was able to align the wings and bolt them to the base. He then tested the durability of the hardware by lifting the tire by its tether.

20130716_200150_HDRUnpainted Tire Fighter

  • Next, Matt’s swing was ready for paint.

Painting the Tire SwingPainting the Tire swing

  • For finishing touches Matt drilled some small holes in the front of the base and then secured a nose cone (lug cap) with (4) zip ties.  Last, he attached 4 chains to the eye bolts (heavy duty rope or cable could also be used) and Matt’s Tire Fighter was ready for flight.

Completed Tire FighterMatt's Tire Fighter - Tire Swing



Completed Tire Fighter Tire Swing