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Level 8 ZX and Kanati Mud Hog Crawl Moab, UT

At Easter Jeep Safari 2012 we decided to take advantage of the outstanding 4×4 terrain to capture the new Kanati Mud Hog MT and the Level 8 ZX in action.

Kanati Mud Hog: While our time on the trail this day was limited the Kanati Mud Hogs we able to tackle everything we put them through.  We had some steep hill climbs, gravel and dirt roads, we also had plenty of slick rock and a few good boulder sections to test the tires traction.  As you can see in the footage above there were a few occasions where we had the vehicle up on three wheels.  The tires were able to hold traction and pull us in the direction we intended to go.  The tire in this test is a 35×12.50R17D. It has an 8-ply rated tread section and a 2-ply sidewall.  While attempting to show how the Level 8 ZX wheel’s bolt on scratch guard works we put this tires sidewall through a good amount of abuse.  It was great to see that despite our bashing that tire’s sidewall held strong.

Level 8 ZX: The Level 8 ZX is an outstanding off-road wheel. Lets face it, trail damage to your wheels can happen to anyone no matter what your driving skill level.

Level 8 has designed two key features into their ZX wheel to help keep your wheels protected on the trail.  The first key feature is the location of the TPMS sensors (valve stem).  The TPMS sensor is located behind the outer lip of the wheel.  This helps reduce the chances for TPMS sensor damage from rocks or debris that may get kicked up on the trail.

The second key feature is Level 8’s optional bolt on scratch guards.  These are only available for the ZX design at this time. The scratch guards are made from a high impact resistant polymer (sort of like cutting board material) that is built to handle moderate scratches, dents, dings, and impacts experienced on the trail.   With optional bolt-on scratch guard, the Level 8 ZX can stay looking great year after year.  The ZX Scratch Guards are sold in pairs(2) for about $65.00 per pair. As you can see in the footage above we deliberately abused the scratch guards so you can see how well they work.

Not mentioned in the video, had we removed the scratch guards you would have seen the wheels suffered no damage.

Travis Comfort
Discount Tire Co.

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Note: You can buy the scratch guards for $64.00 per pair(2). They are not listed on the web site but they are available.  (PC 87264 = 17” Scratch Guard pair, PC 87263 = 16” Scratch Guard pair)


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