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Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks: Hells Revenge Trail – May 17th, 2013

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 Hells Revenge Trail

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks: Hells Revenge Trail – May 17th, 2013

About Hells Revenge Trail: This is one of the best known 4×4 trails in Moab.  It has a 5+ rating (out of 10) because of the steep and off camber slick rock climbs.  Hells Gate, Devils Hot Tub, Mickey’s Hot Tub, Escalator and Tip Over Challenge obstacles can all be found along this trail.  You can also see the famous Lion’s back here.  Put your helmet on, buckle up and hold on, the Hells Revenge Trail is a fun one!

Our 2013 Rally on the Rocks Hells Revenge Trail Experience: As always, the overlook at the Colorado River will stop you in your tracks.  It never fails to take my breath away (pictures don’t do it justice) . It is always a good spot to stop and let everyone get out and enjoy the beauty of the mighty Colorado River as it winds it’s way through the coral colored rocks.

This year Hells Gate, Devils Hot Tub and Escalator were open to participants that were up to the challenge and had the proper safety gear.  Mark, one of our managers, made Hells Gate and Escalator look like a walk in the park with his Polaris RZR 4 900 XP.  There were a few other takers at each obstacle as well. The crowd loved watching all the action. The driver from HCR put on a show at Escalator by going up in reverse after he went up forward.  That was quite a feat.

Discount Tire also made it through Mickey’s Hot Tub.  The Hot Tub is a large hole in the slick rock.  It has about a 20 foot vertical wall to climb.  Water and oil (stinky I might add) in the bottom of the tub makes it especially difficult for anyone to gain traction.  As the WildCat disappeared into the deep hole many onlookers wondered if it would ever come back out. Fortunately, the WildCat clawed its way to the top with the help of a few strong guys and an attached safety rope.

On the way out of the trail there is one last fun obstacle called Tip Over Challenge.  This one will get your heart racing but there is a bypass.  Seen in the pictures below, if you’re on the right line your UTV will end up standing up, looking like its ready to give you a Hi-Five!

Unfortunately, all good 4×4 trails in Moab do have an end and after Tip Over Challenge we headed back to the Arena.

Hells Revenge Starting line2013 Rally on the RocksRally on the Rocks 2013 Hells Revenge TrailheadRally on the Rocks 2013 Trail Ride Rally on the Rocks Drivers Meeting Hells Revenge Trail Lions Back Hells Revenge Trail Slick Rock Hells Revenge Trail Moab Slick RockHells Revenge Trail River viewIMG_7329 copy IMG_7353 copy      IMG_7357 copyIMG_7366 copy Hells Gate WheelieHells GateHells Revenge Trail, Hells GateIMG_7415 copyHells Revenge TrailHells GateIMG_7440 copy

IMG_7473 copy

IMG_7477 copy

Hells Revenge Trail Wheelie

IMG_7497 copyHells Revenge Trail, Mickey's Hot tub Hells Revenge Trail, Mickey's Hot tubIMG_7518 copy  IMG_7529 copyMickey's Hot tub Hells Revenge TrailIMG_7537 copyIMG_7570 copyIMG_7540 copyEscalator Hells Revenge Trail IMG_7617 copyIMG_7617 copy

 Escalator Obstacle, Hells Revenge TrailIMG_7627 copyIMG_7613 copyIMG_7632 copy Escalator Wheelie Hells Revenge TrailDiscount Tire sponsored Trail Ride IMG_7645 copyEscalator Hells Revenge TailIMG_7659 copy IMG_7676 copy IMG_7679 copy Hells Revenge Trail WheelieDiscount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 Hells Revenge TrailCatching a snooze on Hells Revenge IMG_7708 copyIMG_7706 copy Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 IMG_7735 copyTent Topper for UTV, UTV Roof Tent Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 Hells Revenge Trail

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