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How to Make Don’s “Tire Sling” Tire Swing

Don's Tire Sling Tire Swing

How to Make a Tire Swing: Don’s “Tire Sling”

Between Travis’s “Comfort Lounger”, Matt’s “Tire Fighter”, and Don’s “Tire Sling”, Don may have hit the fun factor right on the nose.  Climb into Don’s Tire Sling and you will find yourself spinning, swinging, throwing your weight back and hanging on for a super fun ride.   Don’s Tire Sling is simple to make, light weight and its unique design invites your friends and family to try it out.

What you will need: Materials: (1) Large tire, (1) Small 1/4″ rope ~ 5′ long, (1) Large wooden dowel (a wooden shovel handle would work too).  Tools: Safety glasses, Utility knife, Electric drill and a drill bit the size of your wooden dowel or shovel handle.

Don selected a used 275/50R20 for his Tire Sling.  The large diameter would yield an opening that is easy to climb in and out of and its wide 275mm width would make for a wide comfortable seat as well.

Steps to Make Don’s Tire Sling:

  • First, Don used his utility knife to carefully cut and remove both of the tire’s sidewalls.


  • He then pinched the tread together to designate a top and drilled a small (1/4″) pilot hole and then a larger hole (1″) for his handle.


  • Next, he cut his shovel handle to the desired length (about 2 feet) and pushed it through the holes he had drilled. (This took some force and leverage)

TireSling_8Handle installation for Don's Tire Sling Tire Swing

  • Don then secured the handle in place with rope and attached some birthday ribbons to the ends of the handles for some added flare. (bicycle handlebar tassels would also work great for this.)


  • Don next spiced his “Tire Sling” up with some patriotic paint.

 0731132046aPainting the Tire Sling Tire Swing

  • Last, he suspended the swing from a tree branch by looping a tie down strap (a strong rope would work well too) through the top loop of the tread and….   Wallah! He was ready for some fun!

Don's Tire Sling Tire Swing