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Discount Tire Goes to Ouray – FJ Summit 2011 (Part 1)


What an unbelievable event this year turned out to be.  There were over 250 FJ Cruisers that filled the little town of Ouray also known as the Switzerland of the United States.  Everywhere you looked there were decked out FJ’s with every imaginable gadget available and then some.  I was absolutely amazed at the wide array of parts on all the vehicles.  Everyone was excited and willing to share their knowledge on how their rigs worked and what they did to make them even better.

I was lucky enough to be invited as one of the participants for Discount Tire and we brought two personal FJ Cruisers.  I was riding with Cary who is one of the managers at Discount Tire Direct along with Eddie who is a manager at our Phoenix AZ Distribution Center.  The second vehicle is owned by Rob and his passenger was Lee. They are both store managers from Denver Colorado.

Along the way in Arizona.

We brought extra goodies for our 10 plus hour drive from Phoenix so we trailered Cary’s FJ along with all our boxes of food and give away items.

It was a long and somewhat boring drive on Tues the 19th until we hit Cortez Colorado. The mountains grew to giants before our eyes.  We have big mountains in Arizona (10,000 feet) but nothing that compares to the majestic beauty of the mountains from Silverton to Ouray.

Simply Stunning…..

There was a tee shirt in Ouray that said it all about the road between the two towns.  It said “ I survived 155 turns at an 8 % grade”.  They didn’t mention that many parts of the road have straight drop offs on a very narrow twisty two lane road with no guard rails.  It will keep your attention for sure.

What a neat old town as we enter Main Street.

We came in early so we could get registered first thing Wednesday and get the two FJ’s stickered up for the event.  Fortunately we all pitched in and got our work done early so we could go and check out some of the trails.

We decided to take the trail named Ophir that goes over the pass to Telluride.  What gorgeous scenery as we climb to the top of the pass where the snow is about 15 feet high.

As we go through the pass the trail becomes one narrow switch back shelf road. The sides fall almost straight down several hundred feet.  It would ruin your day if you went over the edge.

Here’s the FJ I rode in with the new Level 8 Guardian Wheels installed.  They remind me of the FJ TRD Wheel.

We even saw a few Rock Chuck’s above the tree line.

It is amazing how there are waterfalls all over these majestic mountains.

With just the two of us we were able to run the trail into Telluride in about an hour without any trouble.  What a great waterfall view as we pull into town.

After stopping for lunch we decided to take another trail back to Ouray called Last Dollar Highway.  After passing the airport the road climbs quickly to a beautiful Aspen forest.  There must have been rain the last couple of days because the trails had some large puddles.

The FJ Summit crew had a dinner lined up that night along with plenty of vender booths set up.  Plus there were FJ’s everywhere all decked out to look at.

I even caught the Discount Tire gang talking with Seth the promoter for the FJ Cruiser event.

It looks like Brad from Ricochet was out playing today as well.

After mingling with the crowd for a couple of hours we were all beat from our long drive with limited sleep so it was time for us to turn in so we could get up early for the next day’s run.

Here is the link with additional photos and our GPS tracks from the trails we ran today.

Ouray 2 – FJ Cruiser Trail ride trip | EveryTrail


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