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How to Make Travis’s “Comfort Lounger” Tire Swing

Travis's Comfor Lounger Tire Swing

How to Make a Tire Swing: Travis’s “Comfort Lounger”

Grab an ice cold beverage, lean back and swing away the warm summer afternoon.  While Don’s “Tire Sling” and Matt’s “Tire Fighter” may have an upper edge when it comes to fun, Travis’s Comfort lounger certainly takes the lead when it comes to relaxing.  Make a Comfort Lounger of your own and mom and dad may fight over who gets to swing first.

What you will need:  Materials: (1) Large diameter tire (for main swing), (1) additional tire (any size for head rest), 25′ of inexpensive 1/4″ rope, (5) 1/4″x 2″ bolts, (10) Large washers, (5) Locking nuts, and your favorite color spray paint.  Tools:  Safety glasses, Mechanics gloves, Electric drill, 3/8″ Drill bit, Utility knife, Electric grinder, Metal cut off wheel for grinder, 1/4″ Wrenches, and Magic marker.

Travis selected a 305/45R22 for the main seat of his swing.  He hoped that the width would be wide enough for a comfortable seat and he hoped that the diameter was large enough so that his “lounger” would provide plenty of support.  He later selected a 305/30R20 tire to build his headrest.

Steps to Make Travis’s Comfort Lounger Tire Swing:

  • Travis first cut both sidewalls of the main tire a little more than 1/2 way around its circumference.  He then pushed the tread down into the center and cut more until the seat could be manipulated into the “J -shape” he desired.


  • After tying the tread in place, he then marked the tire and drilled holes that would be used to sew the tread into place.


  • He then clamped the tire together with a large C-clamp and sewed the tread into place using the inexpensive 1/4″ rope.


  • He then decided to give it a test run…

Comfort Lounger test ride0625132305

  • The test run was a success so he was now ready to add a headrest.  Using the smaller second tire(305/30R20), he first removed both sidewalls.  He then cut a 2.5′ length of tread to be used as a head rest.


  • After mocking up two different headrest options he settled on his second design.  He next marked and drilling holes for the headrest.  He then bolted it to the swing using (4) 1/4″ X 2″ bolts, 8 large washers and 4 locking nuts.

0723131840Installing the Headrest on the Comfort Lounger Tire Swing

  • For the finishing touches he decided that a “Comfort Lounger” couldn’t reach its full “comfort” potential without a cup holder and a patriotic paint job.  Travis used some leftover tread from the smaller 305/30R20 tire to craft a cup holder and with a little trial and error he came up with a creative solution.  He then busted out some rattle cans and pulled the entire thing together with some color.

0727131032Comfort Lounger Cup Holder0727131033aPainting the Comfort Lounger Tire Swing0727131111a

  •  After the paint had dried he bolted the drink holder to the swing using the remaining hardware and the Comfort Lounger was finished!

Comfort Lounger Cup Holder0801131945

Comfort Lounger Tire Swing