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Author Profile: Don McNeilly – UTV Enthusiast

About the Author: Don McNeilly – ATV and UTV Enthusiast

DON_ head shotI was fortunate to grow up most of my childhood in the small town of Holt Michigan.  I blame becoming an ATV and UTV enthusiast on my love for the outdoors.  At an early age I decided the indoors wasn’t for me.  If the sun was up I was outside playing in the nearby woods.  I’d play all day outside, often skipping a meal, and when it came time for dinner there were more than a few times my dad would have to come looking for me.  No matter how many times I got in trouble I could not pull myself away from the great outdoors.

I moved to the great state of Arizona at the age of 24.  Shortly after moving to Arizona I started exploring the untamed southwest.  The diverse vegetation of Arizona is simply amazing and I could not get enough of it.  I camped, hiked and rode whatever I could get my hands on while photographing every trip.  I guess I was a bit of a fanatic on my photos as I would not let anyone look at them until I had them all in order in a book.  Yes, back then I used film and had to pay to have them developed.  I have always liked to tell the story of my trips through photos and I still do that to this day.

I joined a couple of local quad riding forums on the internet around the year 2000.  I found it a good way to meet people that liked to explore just as I do.  I also found it to be a blast to share my stories and photos with them too.  Forum member rides eventually led me to meet some magazine editors and before I knew it I was freelance writing for a few of them.

Today, my enthusiasm for ATV and UTV vehicles has led me to my career at Discount Tire.  I currently help ATV and UTV enthusiasts with wheel and tire questions on Discount Tire sponsored forums.  I also test new tire and wheel products, document and support Discount Tire sponsored events and, of course, I write here for   I still write for a few ATV and UTV enthusiast magazines too.

I feel I am blessed to work for such a wonderful company.  Discount Tire started near my home town in Michigan in 1960. (How ironic is that) Our customer service comes directly from our founder Mr. Bruce Halle.  He gives all employees the ability to take care of our customers and demands that we just do what is right.  Our company philosophy is ‘Work Hard and Play Hard’.  Sometimes I get to do both at the same time.

Connect with Don McNeilly: Add me, Don McNeilly to your Google+ circles. I am always looking to meet more ATV and UTV Enthusiasts.  (see all social links in my signature below.)

Don Mc Neilly ATV and UTV EnthusiastDon McNeilly ATV and UTV Enthusiast

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If it has 4 wheel drive and I'm allowed to take it off road I'm on it! I've been an ATV and UTV off road enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I love exploring new areas photographing my adventures and helping other outdoor enthusiasts... Click the Author Profile icon below to read more.