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The Squealing Tire - Tire Talk from the Experts at Discount Tire Company.

Authors of The Squealing Tire

Who are the Authors of The Squealing Tire?

If the Authors of TheSquealingTire.Com were a machine what would it look like?

Don McNeilly – “It would look a more complete modern Baja buggy.  It would have long travel suspension and could rip through some nasty desert woops.  The motor would be tuned to purr at idle and scream at top speed.”

Matt Johnson – “First, it would have the power of a Clydesdale horse, then the styling of a Fox Body Mustang (my favorite) and it would be amphibious so we could go, technically, anywhere we want to go.”

Travis Comfort – “If we were a machine we’d look something like a giant lifted R2D2 with 4 seats and a handle bar for a steering wheel.  (-Wait, delete that.  We wouldn’t be that fat or top heavy…  Write this… ) “If we were a machine we’d look something like a Formula Off Road Icelandic Jeep turned overland.  It would have sophisticated electronics, a lot of power, a bullet proof suspension and drive-train and the ability explore the most remote places.”

Get to know more about the Authors of The Squealing Tire by reading each of their profile pages below.   This team of automotive enthusiasts are hard at work bringing you entertaining, technical and insightful content that you’ll love to read.

 Authors of The Squealing Tire:

Author of The Squealing Tire Don McNeilly Don McNeilly is the definition of an ATV/UTV enthusiast.  If he’s not in the office writing about them, he’s out of the trails testing new ATV’s and UTV’s, exploring a new 4×4 trail or taking pictures of them.  As well as writing for Don has written for a number print magazines and he also writes on over 20 ATV/UTV forums for Discount Tire.

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Matt Johnson Author of The Squealing TireMatt Johnson is a technical automotive enthusiast.  He has a passion for crunching numbers, sifting through technical specs and educating those around him.  His technical write ups are easy to read and understand.  Matt draws most of his inspiration from his fellow automotive enthusiasts as he represents Discount Tire on over 100 Truck/SUV as well as Passenger/Performance automotive forums.

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Travis Comfort Author of The Squealing TireTravis Comfort is an Off Road Enthusiast.  He’s an outdoorsman who loves to fish, hunt, camp and explore the great outdoors.  He understands that form follows function and loves writing about the next best thing.  When Travis is not representing Discount Tire at off road enthusiast event or testing the latest and greatest tire he’s writing about it here for

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