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2014 Ultra4 Racing Griffin King of the Hammers Photos

King of the hammers starting line

The Griffin King of the Hammers race is considered, by many, as the toughest one day off road race in the country and in 2014 it stood up to that expectation.  Like a flash flood, nearly 40,000 fans filled Johnson Valley in Southern California and with them came Hammer Town.  As race teams began pre-running and qualifying, the brutal course started twisting, snapping and tearing vehicles apart.  By race day many teams had already put in long hours repairing and reinforcing their vehicles to better their chances of finishing.  After the green flag flew, one by one, teams started falling out of the race and once the dust had settled only a fraction of those who started had finished.

Among the competition was the Discount Tire Off Road Evolution Race Team.   This year the team competed in 3 different races including the 2014 King of the Hammers UTV race for the first time.   With their hands full the team certainly had their work cut out for them.   One race at a time, they battled the competition and they battled against the course.  During each race they had wins and loses against the course but in the end, despite their best efforts, they were unable to get a finish.

All wasn’t lost as a lot was learned and team spirit is high for this year’s race season.  The team is already hard at work preparing for their next battle at the next Ultra 4 West races and better results are on the horizon.

Photos from the 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers:

Johnson Valley OHV area, home of King of the Hammers DPP_006 DPP_022 DPP_003 DPP_002 DPP_013 DPP_014 DPP_019 DPP_035DPP_047 DPP_091 DPP_096 DPP_014 DPP_100 DPP_101 DPP_111 DPP_146 DPP_214 DPP_223 DPP_227 DPP_236 DPP_237 DPP_238 DPP_240 DPP_249 DPP_256 DPP_261 DPP_271 DPP_274 DPP_285 DPP_293 DPP_310 DPP_314 DPP_327 DPP_347 DPP_372 DPP_375 DPP_380 DPP_389 DPP_394 DPP_396 DPP_406 DPP_417 DPP_439 DPP_443 DPP_452 DPP_460 DPP_470 DPP_479 DPP_482 DPP_531 DPP_533 DPP_542 DPP_558 DPP_570 DPP_564 DPP_256  DPP_058 DPP_059 DPP_064 DPP_065 DPP_077 DPP_087 DPP_091 (2) DPP_094 (2) DPP_708
DPP_685 DPP_673 DPP_651 Discount Tire Main Pit at King of the Hammers 2014 DPP_647 DPP_642 DPP_637 Discount Tire  Off Road Evolution Evo1 Racing the 2014 King of the Hammers DPP_631 DPP_612 DPP_602 DPP_597 DPP_590 DPP_564 DPP_559 Discount Tire Off Road Evolution EvoTJ racing the 2014 Smittybilt Everyman Challenge DPP_530 Sky on Fire at the 2014 King of the Hammers DPP_483 DPP_480 DPP_478 DPP_460 DPP_447 DPP_402 DPP_397 DPP_382 DPP_370 DPP_363 DPP_342 DPP_336 DPP_312 DPP_279 DPP_270 DPP_259 DPP_234 DPP_220 DPP_203 DPP_184 DPP_182 DPP_171 DPP_157 DPP_100 DPP_093 DPP_092 DPP_090-X2 DPP_072 DPP_054 DPP_050 DPP_045 DPP_039 DPP_030 DPP_016 DPP_007

When racing it is always good to remember a golden rule. Never drive faster than your guardian angle can fly.

A Smarter Tire For The Ones You Love. – Michelin Premier All Season

A Smarter Tire For The Ones You Love

Michelin Premier All Season


A few years after college I started dating a beautiful young woman who eventually became my wife.  At the time, we lived on opposite sides of the city and there were about 20 miles of streets and freeways separating us.  It was a long drive, however, it was easy so we took turns driving it.

Late one summer evening during monsoon season, the rains hit the city pretty hard.  Exhausted from a business trip I decided to stay home but she still wanted to make the drive over.  Before she left we talked about the weather and I told her to be very careful and to take it slow.  We even talked about hydroplaning and what to do if it happened.  We told each other “I love you” and she said “I’ll see you soon”.

About 20 minutes later my cell phone rang.  It was a number I didn’t recognize and before I even picked up the phone I could feel something wasn’t right.  My heart sank.  Scared, I answered the phone and heard a shaken voice on the other end.  “Travis?…” she said.  My heart sank deeper and anxiously replied. “Are you okay? What happened?”  She told me she was okay but her truck wasn’t.  She had hydroplaned on the freeway.  She tried to keep the truck straight but it slid sideways and when it gained traction again it was up on two wheels crossing 4 lanes.  As she tried to correct it she then over corrected, swerved the opposite direction and crossed back over the same 4 lanes.  Her truck then struck another vehicle that had also spun out of control from hydroplaning.  When her truck stopped it was on its side.  Relieved that the wreck was over and she remained unhurt, she immediately feared that she had hurt someone else.  Luckily, emergency crews were already on the scene for the previous hydroplane accident and no one was in the vehicle that her truck had hit.

Today, every time it rains, before getting in our vehicles, my wife and I remember that day.  This happened 8 years ago, (my wife and I now have two young daughters) and safely driving on wet roads has become even more of a concern for us.

Tire designers and engineers at Michelin are also concerned for driver safety. After more than 2 years of development they have just launched a brand new tire that’s like nothing else currently on the market.

PremierAS_4At a quick glance the new Michelin Premier All Season doesn’t look that different from other passenger all season tires. With wet traction and safety as the number one concern Michelin engineers have done something truly unique.  The Premier All Season has been designed with a tread pattern that changes as it wears.  Michelin describes it best, Its tread doesn’t simply wear down — it evolves. Hidden grooves, buried in the rubber, emerge. Rain grooves actually widen….”  Add to this, other Michelin advanced tire technologies and the new Premier All Season tire is able to give the consumer maximum wet weather performance throughout the tires life, not just when it’s new.  Michelin also created the video below to describe their new innovative Michelin Premier All Season tire that is safe when new AND safe when worn.

So, the time has almost come for us to put a new set of tires on our family car.  Its not a fancy car by any means (’99 Honda Accord) but what we put in it is priceless; ourselves and our daughters.  Like many families, buying a safe tire that handles wet roads and stops fast when we need it most is VERY important to us. When the time comes, this tire will be at the top of my list for a replacement.

Michelin Premier All Season

Michelin Premier All Season: New vs. 50% Worn (click to enlarge)


Link: Shop for Michelin Tires now!

Additional Pictures:

PremierAS_5PremierAS_4Michelin Premier All Season emerging grovesPremierAS_2Michelin Premier All Season at the Track

Crown King Crawl to the Clouds – A Ride to Raise Discount Tire Event


Crown King Crawl to the Clouds

A Discount Tire Ride to Raise Family Event


March 15th is almost here! Tighten up those suspension bolts, grab your tow straps and get ready for this year’s Crown King Crawl to the Clouds event.

The Arizona Region and Discount Tire Direct have joined forces to make this years Crown King run the best Discount Tire off road event yet!    Join us for a great day on the trail, lunch and some awesome raffle items.  Proceeds from this event will be donated to the Bruce T. Halle Employee Assistance Fund.

Here are the details:

Who is invited? – Discount Tire employees and family.

What is it? –  A one day 4×4 adventure from the outskirts of Phoenix to Crown King, AZ.

Where is it? –  This event will start outside of Phoenix, just north of Lake Pleasant (please see map below for directions and exact GPS coordinates) and end in the old mining town of Crown King.

(click to download map to start): Crown King Crawl to the Clouds Start Location Map

When is it? – Sunday, March 15th.  Drivers meeting at 7:00 am. The first group will take off at 8:00 am.

Why are we doing it? – For years Discount Tire’s founder, Bruce T. Halle, has been giving back to Discount Tire employees.  In order to help this cause proceeds generated from this event will be donated to the Bruce T. Halle Discount Tire Employee Assistance Fund.

How do I participate and what does it cost? –  Registration is required for each person attending this event.  The registration fee is $30.00 per person and must be paid online (see below).  Registration includes a T-shirt, BBQ lunch at the Mill Restaurant in Crown King and a raffle ticket.   Registration is available online now and ends Monday March 9th so sign up today!

How extreme is the trail and what types of vehicles are allowed? – High clearance 4×4 vehicles, ATV’s, UTV’s, and dirt bikes are all welcome to participate.  This trail is no highway.   For this run we’ll be taking the back road starting just north of Lake Pleasant off of Castle Hot Springs Rd.    This trail travels through the desert and climbs into the Bradshaw Mountains ending in the old mining town of Crown King.  Most of this trail is dirt and gravel but there are some sections and optional obstacles that will be difficult to pass if your vehicle does not have 4-wheel drive. More information and pictures of the trail: Everytrail Crown King Trail Map and Pictures

Things to bring (recommended):

  • Participants are required to find their own transportation for this ride  however, if you are interested in participating and you haven’t been able to find a ride please email  We will do our best to help find you an empty seat.
  • Drinks and snacks:  Lunch will be included with your registration but each vehicle should pack enough drinks and snacks for the entire day. Alcohol is not permitted.
  • First Aid kit, 4×4 recovery gear, 2-way radio
  • Hat, Sunglasses, Sweatshirt, Sun Screen, TP (you never know)
  • Camera
  • Full tank of gas


PRE REGISTRATION is now closed.