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Tire Swing Challenge: Unique Tire Swings Revealed

TireSwingConcepts - Unique Tire Swings

Our Unique Tire Swings Revealed (Part 2 of 3)

(Missed part 1?  Get caught up here: Tire Swing Challenge Part 1 of 3)

After agreeing to our Tire Swing Challenge, Matt, Don, and I quickly hit the drawing boards.  Our unique tire swings have to be functional and fun while staying within a $40.00 budget.  After narrowing our ideas, Don, Matt and I are each convinced that our own designs will lead us to tire swing kingdom. (and a FREE lunch!)  Our tire swing design concepts are detailed below.

Unique Tire Swings

Don McNeilly’s “Tire Sling”:  Don plans to remove both tire beads and shoulders, essentially leaving him with the tread as a large rubber band.  He then plans to pinch the top of the band together and add a simple handle for the rider.   Above the handle, Don should be able to easily attach a tether to the top of the pinch utilizing its loop.   Don’s biggest challenge will be removing the shoulders and beads without exposing any sharp inner belts.  As long as he leaves a small amount of shoulder, this shouldn’t be an issue.  He has named his tire swing “Don’s Tire Sling”.  (estimated cost: under $20)

Don's Unique Tire Swings - Tire Sling

Travis Comfort’s “Comfort Lounger”:   I have decided to shoot for a comfortable version of a tire swing.  For my swing, I will make partial cuts along the shoulders of my tire so that about 1/2 of the tread can be drooped into the center of the tire.  With some crummy sewing skills, I hope to manipulate my tire swing into a soft, comfortable “J” shape.  I will leave the tire beads in place so that I have two easy locations to attach the tether.  My swing has two challenges: 1.)  How to shape the seat so that it is secure and comfortable and, 2.) Will my tires beads be strong enough that they won’t buckle under 200lbs of load… (estimated cost: under $20)

Travis's Unique Tire Swings - Comfort Lounger

Matt Johnson’s “Tire Fighter”:  Matt decided to design a take off of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 Fighter.  He plans to keep his tire relatively intact and hung flat.  He’ll then add wings and a nose cone to help define his fighter.  Matt will add three eye bolts to triangulate a balanced center tether point.  Matt’s biggest challenge will be his accessories.  While considering safety, he will need to figure out how he will make them and how they will be attached. (estimated cost: $30.00)

Matt's Unique Tire Swings - Tire Fighter

With each of our unique tire swings detailed we are now depending on our fabrication skills to put them all together.  Keep an eye out for part 3 of our tire swing challenge.  Part 3 will cover our tire swing builds.

Update [8/12/2013] See part 3 of 3 now! : How to Make a Tire Swing

Tire Swing Challenge: Building an Awesome Tire Swing

Tire Swing Challenge

Tire Swing Challenge: Building an Awesome Tire Swing for under $40.00 (Part 1 of 3)

When the lawn starts growing fast enough that it could be mowed twice a week, when the sounds of playing kids fill the neighborhood streets, when the smell of charcoal BBQ’s makes you stop and take a deeper breath… you know its time to build a tire swing…   While that’s not what most of us think about doing, that’s what the editors of The Squealing Tire plan to do now that summer is here!

Tire swings used to be such a simple thing.  A tire, a rope, and a tree was all you needed.  Today, a quick Google image search reveals that modern tire swings have taken on more and more intricate designs.  Inspired by this our editors decided they were up for a little challenge to see who could build the best tire swing for under $40.00.  The winner will be fed lunch and crowned the Tire Swing King!

The Challenge:  Design and build an Awesome Tire Swing for Under $40.00. 

There are only 3 rules:

  1. Your tire swing must be built using 1 used tire.
  2. Additional materials are permitted, and can be resourced however you please,  as long as the total cost for your swing does not exceed $40.00. (This does not include the cost of your swings tether. )
  3. The final product must be able to safely support a minimum of 200lbs.

Judging:  We must have a winner so, upon completion (Target Date of July 2nd) each swing will be tested by a panel of pristine judges – all of which are tire swing experts.   These judges will rate each tire swing on the following…

  • Appearance
  • Craftsmanship
  • Usability
  • Fun

Winnings:  The winner will receive the prestigious tire swing king crown + lunch paid for by the losers.

With the challenge set, and the creativity flowing, the competitive spirits have already started to surface.

Who will be crowned the tire swing KING?….

Update 6/25/2013: Part 2 – Our Editors Unique Tire Swings Revealed


Interview: Home Grown Pikes Peak Race Driver Doug Siddens Tells His Story

Pike Peak Race - RZR-X1 - PPIHC - Doug Siddens

Interview: Pikes Peak Race Driver Doug Siddens

Home Grown Pikes Peak Race Driver Doug Siddens Tells His Story

Doug Siddens - PPIHC - Pikes Peak RaceWe had a chance to interview Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) driver Doug Siddens.  We asked him about his history as a racer, his history at the Pikes Peak race and we pushed him for some additional information about his new 2013 race car, the RZR-X1.  Doug will be competing in the unlimited class this month for the 2013 PPIHC.   Here’s what he had to say.

(Discount Tire):  How old were you when you started racing and what made you want to get into it?

Doug Siddens: I have been into cars and motorized vehicles since I can remember, but I really got bit by the racing bug in high school when I got my first car.  As soon as I started driving I knew I wanted to race.

(Discount Tire): What was the first vehicle and race that you competed in?

(Siddens): The first car I had that I raced was a 1999 Mustang GT.  I started out drag racing at the local strip and events.  A few years later I upgraded to a 2002 Corvette Z06 and participated in the Dust Ball Rally and was drag racing every chance I got.  My true love for drifting and off-road racing didn’t begin until I purchased my 2009 Polaris RZR-S.  As soon as I started driving the RZR-S I knew I had found my calling.  It was an affordable and flexible platform that didn’t need a specially prepped car or track to drive hard and feel the true driving spirit.

(Discount Tire): Can you tell us about your first racing win?

(Siddens): I would have to say my first win came in 2010 when I successfully became the first person to compete in a UTV and finish the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  I grossly underestimated the magnitude of the race and had little to no racing experience at that level.  There I was on a mountain I had never been to with all my tools and a few parts in the back of my truck and pulling the RZR-S I had modified on my garage floor on a little open trailer.  Needless to say, it was pretty intimidating when I pulled up to full blow Pikes Peak race teams working out of the back of semi trucks loaded with every tool and part imaginable.  So after overcoming fear, sleep deprivation, starvation, blowing three engines and running a borrowed engine on race day, finishing the Pike Peak race against all odds has to be one of the biggest wins of my life. 

(Discount Tire):  What made you want to race in the Pikes Peak Race and why did you choose to race it in a UTV?

(Siddens): I saw a void in racing that had Powersport Classes, but hadn’t opened the race up to UTV’s yet.  Most people would probably choose a local off-road race or something on a smaller scale, but for some reason I decided to go right to the top (laughs). PPIHC is an invite only race for proven racers.  I didn’t have the traditional experience to be able to enter in any other way, but I was able to convince the Pike Peak race commission that UTV’s were the Powersport of the future and they allowed me to enter.  The rest is history.

(Discount Tire):  Can you tell us briefly about your last two races at Pikes Peak?

(Siddens): My Pikes Peak race experiences have been bittersweet.  I overcame a lot to finish the first year when I never thought I would and then the second year I thought there was no way I wasn’t going to finish and I overheated just a couple miles from the finish on race day. The second year was devastating and I came really close to not racing last year.  Being a privateer and pioneering this type of racing in the UTV world almost broke me.  It was everything I could do to afford this one race and after the DNF I didn’t know if I would be able to do it again.  Early in 2012 I rallied again and decided to make another attempt, and am I glad I did! I added aero to the car with front and rear carbon fiber wings and it made all the difference.  It really calmed the RZR-X down and allowed me to drive the car a lot harder than years prior.  It was also a lot harder on my stock RZR parts and I was real concerned with breaking on race day.  I got off a good clean run, took it easy in the turns and all the rest fell into place.  I was ecstatic to finish, but when everyone started running up to me asking if I knew what I had run I knew something was up.  I was shocked when they told me I had run 10:40.669!  I knew in my heart that the car was good for a ten minute time, but to actually do it on race day and on that big of a stage was epic!

(Discount Tire): What reaction did other drivers and Pikes Peak race fans have over your win last year?

(Siddens):  I think everyone was in shock. I know I was! Most of the racers would come by and take a look at the car and tell me that they liked it, but I don’t think anyone anticipated me going 9th overall. I think it was even more of a shock to the car classes because technically the PPIHC had classified me as a Powersport vehicle so all my practice sessions had been with the Motorcycles and ATV’s. So none of the cars had seen me run and all of a sudden there was my RZR-X high up on the list.

(Discount Tire): This year you have chosen to race in the most competitive class there is, the unlimited class.  What made you decided to leap into the unlimited class this year?

(Siddens):  After last years success I knew that there was still so much more in the RZR-X.  Even though I was able to break into the 10’s the RZR-X was super raw and could use tons of improvement to help make it go even faster.  I also felt like I needed to use the momentum I had built up from last years win and use that to get into the most visible class on the mountain – Unlimited!

(Discount Tire):  Your vehicle this year is far from what it was last year.  Could you tell us what it is and how it came to be?

(Siddens): After building the 2012 RZR-X I knew the shortcomings that it had and were I could improve it.  Once I was accepted into the Unlimited class I knew it was no holds barred.  So I started from the Polaris RZR frame up and tried to improve everything I could.  I also took this as an opportunity to build this car myself, in my garage, with help from my Uncle, some friends and some great sponsors.  I’m really excited about the combination of parts and I hope it’s the perfect balance to run a really quick time.

(Discount Tire):  We’re pleased be working with you on your tires and wheels but others may not know, what tires and wheels will you be running this year and why did you choose the ones you did?

(Siddens):  You guys have been awesome.  I can’t say enough about the help and support you guys have given me.  I decided to run a set of 18” TSW rotary forged Interlagos wheels wrapped in some super sticky Hankook tires.  I choose the TSW Interlagos RF because I needed a large diameter wheel to clear my RZR-X1’s new huge brake setup, yet still remain lightweight.  The rotary forged process that TSW uses allows me to run a strong 18” wheel without adding any additional rotational mass.  It also allows me to run a lower profile tire to help increase my vehicles response when cornering.  I chose Hankook tires because of their experience at the Peak and their selection of competition tires.  I’m not running a typical tire diameter because of my CVT clutch system and Hankook offered a nice range of slick and wet tires that fit my ideal setup.

(Discount Tire): With the entire track now paved, do you think this will make it easier or harder to get a win?

(Siddens): It certainly has its pluses and minuses, but I do enjoy the pavement more than I thought I would. I consider myself fortunate to have raced the race when there was dirt, but I am embracing the change and the pavement has been good to me so far. I think this years RZR-X1 will have a really good shot at a win and I look forward to carving up the pavement all the way up to the top!


With the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb only weeks away, Siddens is buckling down and making some final installations on his vehicle.  He hopes to start testing within the next few days.  His 2013 unlimited class race car, the RZR-X1,  hasn’t been revealed yet but we were able to squeeze a few teaser pics out of him.  For more information on Doug Siddens and the Pikes Peak Race please visit the official Pike Peak International Hill Climb website as well as the links below.

Pictures of Doug Siddens Pikes Peak race car – RZR-X1

RZR-X1 Pike Peak Race Car - Doug SiddensRZR-X1 Build - Buildind a Pike Peak Race CarRZR-X1 Body partsRZR-X1 TSW Wheels

Hankook Race Tires - Pikes Peak RaceRZR Build - TSW Interlagos RF Wheels - Hankook Competition Tires

RZR-X1 Build header

RZR-X1 wheel and Tire mountedRZR-X1 Pike Peak Race Car







 RZR_X1pic2 RZR_X1pic3 RZR_X1pic


RZR-X1 Build thread – Building a Pikes Peak Unlimited Race Car

Doug Siddens – Fox Shocks UTV Race Team Driver Profile

Jalopnik Article: How an Amateur Racer Tackled Pikes Peak In a UTV


Discount Tire Rally On The Rocks 2013 Photo Galleries

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 LogoDiscount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 – Biggest year yet!

Moab,  UT – May 2013:  Discount Tire was proud to be the naming sponsor for the 2013 Rally on the Rocks UTV event in Moab, UT.  This is the 4th year for this event since Lance and Jarred took over and it’s growing by leaps and bounds.  This year they had approximately 850 registered participants and the increased popularity was quickly felt by Discount Tire.

Discount Tire Event Coordinator Eric VanBrunt stated, “This is the first year Discount Tire has offered wheels and tires for sale at the vendor show.  We didn’t know what to expect so we brought a truck load of STI, Pitbull and Interco tires as well as wheels from Raceline, No Limit, Vision, GFX and DWT.  Before we could even get fully set up on Monday, we were already selling and installing product to waiting participants.”

Along with being the naming sponsor for the Rally, Discount Tire sponsored 2 trails each day.  “We had so many vehicles wanting to join our trail rides that almost all of our sponsored trail rides had to be split into two groups.” stated VanBrunt.  “We are pleased to see this type of participation and can’t wait for the event to come back around in a year.  We’re already thinking about and planning for next year so that we can help make the event even better than it was this year. ”

If you spent the day on a Discount Tire sponsored trail be sure to click on the galleries below. Unfortunately, Discount Tire only had one photographer each day so not every trail has a featured gallery.

Discount Tire would like to send a special thanks to Troy Merrifield of UTV Off-Road Magazine.  Discount Tire enjoyed hitting the trails on a demo Arctic Cat WildCat during the event thanks his generosity.

Please enjoy and share the photo galleries below.

Discount Tire Steel Bender Trail, Wednesday May 15th, 2013

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks Steel Bender Trail Picture






Discount Tire Moab Rim Trail, Thursday May 16th, 2013

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 Moab Rim Trail






Discount Tire Hells Revenge Trail, Friday May 17th, 2013

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 Hells Revenge Trail

Discount Tire Fins and Things Trail, Saturday May 18th, 2013

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 Fins and Things Trail


Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks: Fins and Things Trail – May 18th, 2013

Fins and Things Trail, Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks: Fins and Things Trail – May 18th, 2013

About Fins and Things Trail: This Moab 4×4 Trail is rated 4 out of 10 and many people consider it a mild version of the Hells Revenge Trail.  It starts out with a few rock climbs followed by some fun sandy high banked fast sections.  The remainder of this extremely scenic trail is slick rock.  Riding up and down this undulating trail is like riding on the “Fins and Things” of a prehistoric animal.

Our 2013 Rally on the Rocks Fins and things Trail Experience: At the arena the Fins and Things Trail line up was PACKED!  There was such a large number of UTV’s that we decided to split the group into two smaller groups and stagger our start times.

After getting a police escort to the trail head both groups set off into the prehistoric landscape of Fins and things.   When we stopped at our lunch spot, with a very majestic backdrop, we decided it was an excellent opportunity for a group photograph.  After taking a regular photo it was time for some fun.  On the count of three everyone was supposed to jump in the air for a Jump Shot photo.  What a blast!!!

Our Discount Tire crew hung out at the lunch spot until the 2nd group showed up so we could hand out goodie bags along with a mesh trash bag.  The mesh bags turned out to be a big hit.

After our lunch break we continued on the trail.  This was our last sponsored trail for the week and it was a great way to end our Rally on the Rocks 2013 experience.

After our ride we headed back to the arena one last time to load our remaining tires and wheels to get ready for the long ride back to Phoenix, AZ.  We want to extend a big thank you to all the outstanding outdoor enthusiasts we met during the week in beautiful Moab, UT.  We can’t wait for next year.

Remember to take time to enjoy your family and friends and buy all of your tires and wheels from Discount Tire.

DPP_003 Fins and Things Trail Rally on the Rocks 2013 DPP_008

DPP_013 Fins and Things Trail Fins and Things Trail DPP_021 Scaling the Slick Rock on Fins and Things Fins and Things Trail Wheelie Fins and Things Trail, Ranger Crew Fins and Things Trail DPP_082 DPP_095 DPP_100 Jump Shot Group 1 DPP_110 DPP_111 DPP_114 Fins and Things Trail, Rally on the Rocks 2013 Jump Shot Group 2 DPP_125 Fins and Things Trail DPP_132 Fins and Things Trail, Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 DPP_153 DPP_157 Fins and Things Trail DPP_169 DPP_171 DPP_176 Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 Fin N Things Trail



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Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks: Moab Rim Trail – May 16th, 2013

Moab Rim Trail, Sandy hill

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks Moab Rim Trail – May 16th, 2013

About the Moab Rim Trail:  This trail is rated a 7 on a scale of 10.  The Moab Rim Trail is a very technical 4×4 trail.  There are numerous tall undercut step sections as well as off camber obstacles and many do not have bypasses.  After an initial ascent up Moab Rim the trail winds up and around a large mesa and continues to entertain drivers with some slick rock sections and even a sandy hill climb.   Chances of rolling is possible on this trail without a skilled driver or good spotter. The Moab Rim trail has one of the greatest views of the Colorado River and luckily, the trail begins and ends where you can see it best.

Our 2013 Rally on the Rocks Moab Rim Trail Experience:  As expected the Moab Rim Trail was challenging and fun.  We, once again, had a large number of vehicles and had to split the group into two smaller groups.  We started off with the first group and would join the second group at lunch.

On the trail we, and many other UTV enthusiasts, had to make multiple attempts at a few spots along the Moab Rim Trail.   Without worry though, between our own experienced 4×4 drivers/spotters and the trail guides there was almost always someone around to help spot the correct line.

The obstacle known as the Z-turn seemed to be the most challenging for everyone but there were a few vehicles that made it look easy.   Mark’s RZR4 900 XP with 28 inch STI Roctane Tires had no trouble what so ever clearing the steep ledges.

After everyone had cleared the Z-turn we made a lunch stop at an outstanding overlook of the town of Moab.  There were a few brave soles that stood out on a balancing rock for a great photo opportunity while the others ate lunch and enjoyed meeting like-minded UTV enthusiasts.

At the first lunch stop our Discount Tire crew handed out goodie bags to each UTV.  The lead Kymco UTV had the top executive from their Kymco North American division riding along.  It was awesome to see the huge smile on his face as he was headed back on the trail.

After the second group had caught up, enjoyed their lunch and received their goodie bags we were all off and running again.  A few of us made a short stop at the sand hill to see if we could climb it.  It was a good opportunity to see how much traction you could get on the loose sand.  There was a RZR4 in our group that had purchased some Interco Swamp Lite tires from us at the arena the night before and he couldn’t wait to test them in the sand in 2wd.   Unfortunately, about half way up, another vehicle started coming down and caused him to stop his forward momentum.

As the trail looped around we eventually found ourselves heading back down Moab Rim.  There was a fabulous spaghetti dinner at the arena this night and the largest raffle during the event.  Many of us were looking forward to it.

At the raffle, Lance announced that a portion of the raffle money would be donated to the Sagebrush Coalition.  As he made the announcement, the crowd was filled with people holding up signs that read “I’m a Sagebrush Rebel”. The Sagebrush Coalition has been fighting to keep our OHV trails open so it was great to see their support at the Rally as well.

Please enjoy and share the Discount Tire Sponsored Moab Rim Trail photos below.

ZoeMoab Rim Trail head IMG_7808 ab Rim TrailLifting a tire at the crack on Moab Rim IMG_7857 IMG_7851 Moab Rim Trail, Moab Rim Crack

 Z Turn on Moab Rim IMG_7902Moab Rim Trail, The Crack IMG_7882

IMG_7915 IMG_7993 IMG_7970 Moab Rim Trail Moab Rim Trail, Z Turn Moab Rim

Tire Repair on the trail IMG_8088 IMG_8051 IMG_8047 Moab Rim Trail, Moab Rim

IMG_8097 Moab Rim Trail, Rally on the Rocks 2013 IMG_8100

Moab Rim Trail, Sandy hill Moab Rim Trail Moab Rim Trail, Sandy Hill on Moab Rim

Moab rim Trail, 2013 Rally on the Rocks IMG_8288

Moab Rim Trail, Moab Rim Z TurnMoab Rim Trail Balancing game with a Wildcat Large Steps of the Z-turnIMG_8370

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 Fin N Things Trail

Moab Rim Trail, Colorado River in Moab

Dinner! 2013 Rally on the Rocks Happy Crowd at the 2013 Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks IMG_8437

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Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks: Steel Bender Trail – May 15th, 2013

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks Steel Bender Trail Picture

Discount Tire Sponsored Steel Bender Trail – May 15th, 2013

About the Steel Bender Trail: The Steel Bender Trail is rated 6 out of 10 in difficulty.  This Moab 4×4 trail winds up and down and back up again as it follows an old wagon road eventually ending up over 6,000 feet in elevation.  There are numerous ledges, 2 creek crossings and two difficult obstacles with bypasses.  Discount Tire reminds everyone to wear your personal safety equipment, buckle up and please tread lightly.

Our 2013 Rally on the Rocks Steel Bender Trail Experience:  With the exception of a small electrical system hick up in one of our UTV’s, we couldn’t have asked for a better ride on the Steel Bender Trail.  The day started with a drivers meeting followed by a police escort to the trail head.

At the beginning of the trail we splashed through two water crossings and then quickly made our way to more rugged rocky sections that could bite you if you aren’t paying attention.

After a lunch stop the trail gets more aggressive.   As you can see in the photos below, there were more than a few places where we were all gripping the steering wheels hard enough to turn our knuckles white.

About three quarters of the way on the trail our WildCat went completely dead.  Fortunately there was an Arctic Cat dealer (Todd Gill) on the trail that had just gotten in the passenger seat before it quit.  Todd and his service manager Mike Wansley started taking the machine apart.  They disassembled all kinds of parts until they figured out it was the ECU fuse that was not seated correctly. (They also fixed a few recalls that they noticed along the way.)  We were lucky to have Todd and Mike on the trail with us.  These guys are true outdoor enthusiasts and when offered, they wouldn’t accept any payment in return.  If you are ever in Moberly, MO make sure you stop in to Superior Adventure Center and say hello to them.

After getting fixed up we were back on the trail and back to enjoying the scenery.  Before the canyon walls could swallow our group up we climbed to the top and headed back to the Spanish Trail Arena for an ice cream social and a few raffle giveaways.

Please enjoy and share the photos below.

IMG_6680 Rally on the Rocks 2013 Trail ride IMG_6697

Steel Bender Tail sign IMG_6735 Steel Bender Trail Canyon Creek on steel bender IMG_6718 Steel Bender Trail water crossing

Steel bender Trail Steel Bender trailAir time!

IMG_6857  IMG_6815Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks Steel Bender Trail Picture Wagon road trail of Steel Bender IMG_6799

Steel Bender Trail Rocks IMG_6901 IMG_6884

IMG_6928 IMG_6944 IMG_6939 IMG_6929

Steep drop off IMG_6959IMG_6963

Steel Bender


Steel bender trail rocks IMG_7055IMG_7068

IMG_7092 IMG_7112 IMG_7095

Fixing the Wildcat

IMG_7138Steel bender Canyon walls


IMG_7151 IMG_7220 copy IMG_7219 Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks 2013 Hells Revenge Trail Happy Raffle winner! Happy Raffle Winner Raffle winning couple Happy raffle winner! Rally on the rocks raffle

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks Steel Bender Trail




















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